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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for MW3,MW2, Black Ops(I/II), and Potentially Others

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    Default Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for MW3,MW2, Black Ops(I/II), and Potentially Others

    Please kindly thoroughly read through this as it took a lot of work to put together. It should answer 99.9% of your questions.

    What do you have for Call of Duty: Black Ops II?
    This: Black Ops II Intervention

    Can you bypass Treyarch's manual bans (via reports) on Black Ops II?

    Where is MW3 Liberation?
    There isn't going to be a software titled "MW3 Liberation". However, most of the expected functionalities for said software will be in MW3 Chaos.

    When will there be mod support for Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)?
    When Activision decides to release official mod tools. It is unlikely for a third-party mod tool / loader to pop up since in this iteration of Call of Duty, the developers decided to not expose the internal scripting interface. Unfortunately, it is also unlikely for official mod tools to pop up at all, judging from historical patterns.

    I've heard that you can "bypass VAC bans" with MW3 Chaos, is this true?
    Let's just say there is a temporary remedy for VAC bans that lets VAC banned people host and play on public online matchmaking lobbies as if they were not banned. In other words, it allows people to get what they paid for in the first place (since VAC bans disable their ability to play Multiplayer completely, normally). See more info here. (Note: As of MW3 Chaos v2.38 and game patch v1.9.448, if you would like to host online games with the temporary remedy enabled, you need to also check "Host only" in the client)

    I have trouble starting MW3 Chaos, which steps should I follow?
    1. Close out of Steam, the Game, everything, completely (everything that isn't needed to run Windows).
    2. If you do not have .NET Framework and/or Visual C++ 2008 runtime, please download them. (Windows XP by default is missing these, please download and install them)
    3. Close out of all web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, SRware Iron, Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer)
    4. Right click Steam, and click Run as Administrator (for Windows Vista and 7, just double-click for XP)
    5. Login to Steam, and wait until you are at your List of Games.
    6. Re-download MW3 Chaos from our web site.
    7. Extract the ZIP to C:\ so that it is extracted to C:\MW3_Chaos_Client
    8. Right click MW3_Chaos_Loader.exe and click Run as Administrator (for Windows Vista and 7, just double-click for XP)
    9. Login with your forum username and password
    10. Wait until it says "Waiting for game to launch" (If using temporary remedy mode, the game will launch by itself, skip to step #12)
    11. Launch the game from Steam game list.
    12. Wait until you hear a "Beep", which means it loaded successfully.
    -- Enjoy!

    Read the readme and changelog for more details on using features.

    What does the "Deauth" button do?
    It allows you to deauthenticate the current computer system you are on. Do this before you upgrade hardware or change computers (e.g. desktop to laptop, vice versa). You may not use this to share your account. Doing so may result in permanent suspension of your subscription.

    What happened to VAC Chaos? Where did it go?
    The valley of obsolete products. Replaced by Modern Warfare 2 Liberation.

    What happened to ModLoader?
    Same thing. Replaced by Modern Warfare 2 Liberation.

    So then what do you have for Modern Warfare 2?
    Modern Warfare 2 Liberation, the successor of VAC Chaos.

    What about Call of Duty: Black Ops?
    Black Ops Intervention. You can get it here. You can also see all of its features in the link.

    What about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?
    MW3 Chaos. You can get it here. You can also see all of its features in the link.

    Why does my game crash immediately when the software (MW3 Chaos, Source Rampage, Black Ops Intervention, etc) is loaded?
    If you aren't running both Steam and the Program as Administrator, please do so first.
    You may need to turn off your Anti-Virus, and Firewall software (including Windows Firewall). You need to actually turn it off, not just add as exception.

    Please try disabling DEP:
    1. Click "Start" button, and type "cmd.exe" without the quotes. Right click on it, and click "Run as administrator".
    2. In the command prompt, type (or copy and paste):
    bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
    3. Reboot PC.

    Please check that you are extracting everything properly. This is how we recommend that you do so:
    1. Download the ZIP file from the web site to C:\
    2. Install WinRAR (Free ZIP extraction program)
    3. Right-click the ZIP file and click "Extract To ProgramName\"

    Also, please make sure you have Visual C++ 2008 Runtime installed on your computer.
    You can download this from the Microsoft website here:

    What main features does it (MW2 Liberation) have?
    - Hosting Tool (customize ranked games with custom maps and rules)
    - Dedicated servers (with lobby id)
    - Mod loader (lets you host and play player-created game mods)
    Playing mods has never been simpler! Simply place the mod folder into the "Mods" folder,
    select the mod in the program, host, and you're good to go!
    - Developer console (lets you customize various settings as it was possible in every previous PC FPS game)
    - Script execution allowed
    - VAC bypass/protection (prevents you from being erroneously banned for doing righteous things)

    Where do I download these things?
    Here. For Black Ops Intervention, go here.

    I've paid for the premium version (or beta), where do I download that?
    In the premium members only section.

    What Operating Systems did you test MW2 Liberation with?
    Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

    What Operating Systems did you test Black Ops Intervention with?
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

    How do I unlock donor features in MW2 Liberation?
    First, you need to purchase Premium membership. Then, read MW2_Liberation.ini file. It tells you exactly what to do.

    How come MW2 Liberation isn't loading the game?
    Your anti-virus/firewall software may be blocking the program from loading a crucial part of it into the game. Turn them off temporarily and try again. It is recommended that you restart Steam and Liberation. Be sure to run both Steam and Liberation as Administrator on Windows Vista and 7 systems.

    Why is MW2 Liberation complaining about something being "Missing or Corrupt"?
    Make sure you extract EVERYTHING from the zip to a folder, not just the EXE.
    If you are still getting this, you may truly have a corrupt download, re-download it here.
    If people tamper with the readme file, it also counts as corrupt so it will not run.

    Why is MW2 Liberation or Black Ops Intervention not loading?
    If you are putting the files of the program in a non-English folder, the program will not work. Place the program in a simpler directory like C:\MW2_Liberation (or C:\BlackOpsIntervention for Black Ops Intervention).

    Your anti-virus/firewall software may be blocking the program, turn them off and try again if the above does not work. If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, please kindly try turning off UAC and/or try "Run as Administrator".

    If you are using a 'loader' that claims to 'unlock donor features' without donating, that is actually a crack and is greatly frowned upon here. Not to mention it will also make the program crash. Please stop using such program and actually support us by donating.

    When I host a server, how come nobody joins?
    If you are still in the lobby, and it says "Match is starting..." or something like that, you need to hit F5, as stated clearly in the readme.

    If you are in-game and you're getting "Enemy forfeiting in.." message, try an Alt+F2 to restart the server. If you are still not seeing people join, please ensure that you have TCP/UDP port 28960 forwarded (refer to Activision customer support for help on doing this). You also need to see "NAT: open" in the game menu, and not "Strict". After you see "Open", wait about 30 seconds before clicking Find Game->Game type. We are not tech support for the game.

    Please also check to see if you are VAC-banned from the game. If you are VAC-banned, matchmaking will not work and 'random people' will not join. You'll have to give people your lobby id and have people manually join (click the "URL" button in MW2 Liberation and give the link to people).

    Why is the free version of MW2 Liberation changing my name to MW2_Lib_User?
    It is done to prevent you from getting reported by potentially angry players who join your game. You can disable this feature by disabling the name spoofer in MW2_Liberation.ini. Simply change Spoof=1 to Spoof=0. Or, you may spoof to another name of choice.

    I see copies of MW2 Liberation (beta or Premium) or Black Ops Intervention floating around the web (other than in the Premium members section of this web site) and claim to be free to use, are those allowed to be used?
    Absolutely not. The only approved copies are those distributed at this web site in the Premium members section after payment.

    How do I buy things?

    How do I donate to you?
    Note: Donations are taken as a charity and not as a purchase for subscriptions

    You're not answering my questions, I hate you.
    Many of our products are freeware, including Modern Warfare 2 Liberation (v1.04 or older). We are therefore not obligated to give support of any kind. Any support given will be completely voluntary. The staff here and myself included have to deal with other things, so we cannot be here 24/7.

    However, priority will be given to support questions that are posted under the "Private support" section.

    Any other unanswered questions
    Please kindly read the files that are titled "Readme" that are bundled with the program. If your question is still not answered, please kindly search on this forum and on Google. Only after you've exhausted all of these resources should you post in the support section.
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    Updated with more info.

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