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Thread: MW3 Chaos v2.4 (Force hosting, server manager [kick,ban,punish], god mode, exploits+)

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    Default MW3 Chaos v2.4 (Force hosting, server manager [kick,ban,punish], god mode, exploits+)

    Latest version: v2.43
    Fully compatible with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 patch v1.9.461
    Unofficially also known as MW3 Liberation

    Brief summary:
    Our flagship software designed for use with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

    With features like developer console unlocking, force hosting, server managing (kick, ban, crash players, change game settings) forcing match ending (instant win), killing the server, rapid fire pistols and rifles, rapid fire akimbo pistols, god mode, team kill exploit, four-state aimbot, wallhack, and more!

    Detailed list of features:
    • VAC proof with Safe Mode/Host Only Mode since 1/1/2012
    • Temporary remedy for VAC-banned players allows you to continue playing the game on online Multiplayer matchmaking servers, even if you are banned! As of v2.26, now you can continue to host public games in addition to joining them! (joining is no longer possible as of patch 1.9.441)
    • User Interface - Attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface with full Windows Aero support!
      • Loader and Server Management GUI fully support Windows Vista and Windows 7 Aero
      • Customize various in-game features using custom Direct3D overlay menus (see screenshots below)
    • Force-hosting ranked matchmaking lobbies. As of v2.13 you have TWO ways of doing so!
      • Take full control of the game as the host.
      • Enjoy lag-free gameplay.
      • Enable XP boosting for fast XP lobbies to help others rank up faster.
      • Force 18 player lobbies makes ALL hosted lobbies able to accommodate the 18-player maximum set by the game!
      • Kill host migration prevents you from losing host when you go for a short break away from the keyboard.
      • Block Client Menus prevents people from leaving your server before seeing how fun it could be to stay
    • Unlock developer console for advanced tweaks
      • Classic, built-in IW5 developer console
      • Advanced, custom Direct3D in-game developer console; complete recreation of the CoD4 in-game developer console
    • All-new Server Management GUI lets you take full control of your server!
      • Kick/ban/punish/jail players with countless tools at your disposal.
      • Teleport misbehaving players to you to give them a good spanking.
      • Give your friends invincibility (god mode) and infinite amounts of ammo.
      • Customize hidden game settings (for example, 3rd person diehard domination), and more! See screenshot of Server Management GUI for more details.
      • Several punishments are available. See screenshots below and the game exploits section.
    • Built-in game enhancement tweaks
      • Lag compensation disabler brings back HOST ADVANTAGE the way it was meant to be played! Now you no longer have to deal with the game artificially lagging you to "compensate" for being the host! No more "HOW DID HE SEE ME FIRST??!???" situations.
      • Name spoofer helps you avoid unscrupulous players who may threaten to report you!
      • FOV changer lets you finally liberate yourself from being confined to that dreadful default 65 degree FOV!
        • Also allows you to change your FOV whilst aiming down sights and using killstreaks such as predator missiles, and change it past limits imposed by other FOV changers such as 90!
      • FPS limiter removal to unlock maximum performance.
    • Full arsenal of game exploits
      • Crash Player's Game punishment feature lets you ACTUALLY CRASH ruthless players' MW3 game! It is yet another innovative way to punish misbehaving players. This is what the victim of the punishment sees. This lets you show them that breaking your server's rules has severe consequences.
      • Kill servers (for revenge on ruthless admins, works on any server!)
      • Force end game exploit (instant win if your team has the highest score, works on any server!) [As of v2.18, other people will NOT be able to end YOUR hosted servers/lobbies!]
      • Team kill for points exploit (works online!)
      • Change game settings of other players! MW3 Chaos allows you to change game dvars of other players (for example changing cg_fov, cg_scoreboardPingText lets you liberate them from Xbox-limitations!). This is equivalent to the power given by SetClientDvar! * Limited functionality after patch 1.7.413
      • God Mode lets you slaughter helpless other players!
      • No-clip Mode lets you fly through the level at the speed of light and get on top of previous inaccessible geometry!
      • Infinite ammo allows YOU to take control of everyone's ammunition count! Choose to give 999 ammo to everyone, or just yourself!
      • Teleportation Tool allows you to SURPRISE ATTACK your enemies from behind! Spawn right behind them and take them out silently or slaughter them!
      • Super-jump turns the server into a fun, bunny-hopping session.
    • Rapid fire semi-auto rifles and pistols
      • Gives rapid fire for pistols and rifles (MK14, Fiveseven for example)
      • Also supports akimbo pistols
    • Aimbot, four-states lets you play the game at top competitive performance! Choose from the least aggressive (human/realistic aiming) to the most aggressive (auto-shooting, fast aiming, no spread, no recoil, auto wall shooting) modes available!
      • Human aiming allows subtle, aim assistance for newer players of the game.
      • Manual aiming has the full accuracy of the aimbot, but you have to pull the trigger yourself.
      • Auto-shoot does the aiming and shooting for you.
      • No recoil
      • No spread (host only, and all times)
      • Auto wall - automatically shoots through walls that can be shot through
      • Latency/ping prediction to hit those moving targets with deadly accuracy
    • Wall hack / player ESP lets you see them before they see you.
      • Force Advanced UAV
      • 3D player box ESP, size scales with distance
      • Show valid targets in green
      • Explosives ESP (grenades, claymores, bouncing betties)
    • Miscellaneous
      • Exploit protection gives you full protection from other players who try to exploit your hosted servers (e.g. force end game, team kill exploit)
      • DLC Unlocker allows you to play on all DLC maps and playlists. Requires DLC map files. (Not included with MW3 Chaos. See required files here.)

    All in all, this software gives YOU full control over the game! Win more, rank up faster, prestige faster with MW3 Chaos!

    Unleash chaos upon MW3!

    Purchase subscription here
    Download client here

    Attractive interface:

    All-new Server Management GUI for managing your hosted server:

    The new "Crash Player's Game" punishment added in MW3 Chaos v2.13:

    This is what the victim of the punishment sees. This lets you show them that breaking your server's rules has severe consequences.

    Force Host Ranked Gun-Game on Ground War playlist + Fast Rankup:

    Auto-wall aimbot:

    Auto-wall aimbot with ESP hit detection (target turns green):

    Compact in-game developer console:

    Full in-game developer console (Shift+Tilda(~) to expand):

    Showing player list with developer console:

    In-game aimbot and wallhack/ESP configuration menu, moveable:

    All this power, and ONLY $4.99!

    Purchase subscription here
    Download client here

    Still not convinced? Watch some demo videos!
    Rapid Fire demo:

    Team kill exploit w/ RPG:

    Force hosting + God Mode demo:

    New demo video for Aimbot (autowall, no spread, no recoil), in-game config. menus, and in-game developer console usage:

    Demo video for the less well known features of MW3 Chaos:

    Promo video by geolim:

    Only $4.99!

    Purchase subscription here
    Download client here

    - Minimum requirements for running Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and above recommended
    - Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime (Download here)
    - Windows XP SP3 and above (Windows 7 recommended)
    - High speed internet, at least 1 Mbps recommended
    - Basic Windows Usage knowledge
    - Common sense

    Please kindly read the readme for help on using the program's wide array of features!

    Copyright 2012 Xtreme Gaming Studio
    Call of Duty(R), Modern Warfare(tm), and MW(tm) are trademarks of Activision Publishing.
    Xtreme Gaming Studio is not affiliated in any way with Activision.

    You agree to use the Product/Subscription in compliance with these usage rules. Xtreme Gaming Studio reserves the right to modify the usage rules at any time.
    You are authorized to use the Product/Subscription only for personal, noncommercial use.
    You agree not to, or attempt or assist another person to, violate, circumvent, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise tamper with the Product/Subscription.

    Version 2.43
     - Updated for compatibility with authentication servers
    Version 2.42
     - Added temporary remedy for VAC-banned MW3 players to allow hosting public matches
    Version 2.41
     - Updated for compatibility with patch 1.9.461
     - Temporary remedy is no longer functional, so it has been removed
    Version 2.40 beta
     - Resolved possible deadlock issue
     - Added runtime optimizations for faster code execution
     - Added SSE2 support
     - Added multi-threaded signature scanner
    Version 2.39 beta
     - Updated for compatibility with patch 1.9.453
    Version 2.38
     - Improved temporary remedy for VAC-banned MW3 players to allow joining public matches without
       being kicked with "Cheat detected" message
       (Note: to allow people to join your hosted games in remedy mode, check "Host only" in the client)
     - Improved real-time ping display refresh rate
    Version 2.37
     - Updated for compatibility with patch 1.9.448
     - Added real-time ping display
    Version 2.36
     - Updated for compatibility with patch 1.9.446
     - Added new free maps Aground, Erosion, and Terminal to "listmaps" command and Server Management GUI
    Version 2.35
     - Updated for compatibility with patch 1.9.441
    Version 2.34
     - Updated for compatibility with patch 1.9.433
    Version 2.33
     - Fixed a bug that caused human aiming mode to sometimes not function
    Version 2.32
     - Fixed a bug that caused some login issues
     - Added slow motion mode (Toggle with Numpad /)
     - Added fast motion mode (Toggle with Numpad *)
    Version 2.31
     - Improved aimbot latency compensation algorithm
     - Aimbot should no longer aim at people with Riot-shield, AC130, Osprey, Predator, and Reaper currently out
     - Added ESP for explosives (grenades, claymores, bouncing betties)
     - Player box ESP will now scale its size by distance
    Version 2.30
     - Updated for compatibility with patch 1.8.423
     - Improved aimbot nospread (non-host) feature for speed and accuracy
     - Improved aimbot autowall for better performance
    Version 2.29
     - Improved temporary remedy for VAC-banned MW3 players to better allow friend-joining
     - Aimbot will no longer aim at enemies with god-mode enabled
     - Rapid fire will no longer be active when the game window is in the background
     - Aimbot autoshoot will no longer shoot when the game window is in the background
     - Toggling the in-game console will no longer turn off rapid fire
     - Toggling the full in-game console will no longer sometimes result in every key being "unbound"
     - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused spontaneous crashing when DLC unlocker is enabled
     - DLC unlocker is now enabled by default (requires DLC map files to play on DLC maps/playlists, not included)
     - Added "Kill Host Migration" to prevent host migration when you are hosting and Host Only/Temporary Remedy is enabled
       [Able to be turned off in the config file]
     - Using Host Only mode with Temporary remedy for VAC-banned MW3 players is now possible
     - Super-jump variables are now adjustable in the config file (jump threshold and speed)
    Version 2.28
     - Merged fixes from the previous hotfixes
     - Optimized for faster launching of Loader and Server Management GUI
     - Added F5 (in-game) feature that allows automatic renaming of players to show off MW3 Chaos
     - Added Alt+F10 "Block Client Menus" feature to readme
     - Added DLC unlocker to unlock playing DLC maps and playlists (see config file to enable)
       [requires DLC map files, not included]
    Version 2.27
     - Fixed Alt+F3 (Fix FFA teams) feature
     - fast_restart, map_restart, and Alt+F1 can now only be executed as host
     - Fixed loader GUI status bar sometimes not showing the entire message
     - Added enhanced protection against game exploits (force end game, team-kill exploit), will now warn you who's attempting them on your server [requires Host Only or Remedy mode]
    Version 2.26
     - Updated temporary remedy for VAC-banned MW3 players to allow continuation of playing online on Multiplayer matchmaking servers
       [Now, 90% functionality restored: hosting public lobbies, joining friends via in-game friends list, joining public matchmaking, dedicated servers]
     - XP boost option in Server Management GUI will now correctly disable any Double XP weekend bonuses first
     - Added "Block Client Menus" feature (Alt+F10 toggle) to prevent people from leaving your server before seeing how fun it could be to stay
     - Added set client dvars with restricted functionality (i.e. only certain dvars are allowed, e.g. cg_fov)
    Version 2.25
     - Updated for compatibility with game patch v1.7.413
     - Greatly improved evasive measures against VAC for hosting
     - Added "Host only" mode (able to be turned off in loader GUI), allows you to better retain host and enable enhanced protection from VAC
     - Updated temporary remedy for VAC-banned MW3 players to allow continuation of playing online on Multiplayer matchmaking servers
     - Removed set client dvars feature since it is broken
     - Safe mode is now off by default (you can still enable it via config file)
    Version 2.24
     - Added a temporary remedy for VAC-banned MW3 players to allow continuation of playing online on Multiplayer matchmaking servers
       [Game will automatically launch upon login when enabled, hosting is not possible at this time]
       [If you host using the remedy mode, only people / friends using the remedy mode will be able to join you]
       [You can join any matchmaking server on any playlist using this mode as if you were never banned]
     - Minimum human aiming FOV decreased to 15 degrees
     - Enabling safe mode will now disable the hotkeys for in-game developer console, aimbot toggle, wallhack toggle, and in-game menu toggle
     - Improved evasive measures against VAC for DirectX features with Safe Mode off
    Version 2.23
     - Improved stability of kick/ban features
     - Fixed a bug with kick/ban reasons not being used when kicked
     - Safe mode no longer affects the super jump feature
     - Safe mode now enabled by default for precautionary measures
     - Improved aimbot autowall performance significantly
    Version 2.22
     - Fixed nospread (non-host) for patch v1.5.388
     - Added safe mode which allows disabling D3D features (e.g. in-game developer console, in-game menu, aimbot, wallhack)
     - Changing player name using in-game developer console will no longer be overriden by the config file across sessions
     - Limits for "clientdvars.txt" and "globaldvars.txt" have been extended to accomodate much more values
     - Added alternative force hosting method instructions to the readme
     - Added superjump option with no fall damage (toggle with Alt+F2)
     - Added instructions for hosting ranked public "Infected" game type to the readme
     - Added aiming bone customization for aimbot in the in-game GUI (e.g. head, helmet, chest, etc)
     - Added human aiming speed to allow flexible tweaking of aiming speed for competitive play
     - Added randommap command to in-game developer console to change to a random map
     - Added crashban to in-game developer console to crash and ban a player
     - Clarified listplayers command in help for the in-game developer console
     - Added "Random Map" option for the Server Management GUI to allow selecting a random map
     - Added partial name kick/ban/crash/drop commands for in-game developer console (e.g. kick chr cheater, will kick "Chris")
    Version 2.21
     - Updated for compatibility with game update v1.5.388
    Version 2.20
     - Added in-game developer console with custom commands (type help for full list of custom commands)
       (includes: map_restart, fast_restart, listmaps, change maps, list players, kick, ban, crash, drop, fov, drawfps, etc)
     - Added wallhack / player ESP with hit/visibility detection
     - Added four-state aimbot (1 - human/realistic aiming, 2 - manual aim/shooting, 3 - auto shooting, 0 - off)
     - Added in-game menus for detailed wallhack and aimbot settings (e.g. no recoil, no spread, autowall, force UAV)
       [Auto-wall shoots through walls that can be shot through, but may impact performance on low-spec computers]
       [No-spread virtually eliminates weapon bullet spread; host only version completely eliminates spread]
    Version 2.18
     - Added client-side dvar support (clientdvars.txt for everyone other than host, and globaldvars.txt for everyone)
       [Lets you set things like cg_FOV for people joining your server, and more, equivalent to SetClientDvar in GSCs]
     - Added raw mouse input toggle (Alt+Right Click)
     - Fixed a game exploit that allowed players other than the host to end the round arbitrarily
     - Fixed a game exploit that allowed players other than the host to team kill for points
     - Added a counter for number of players in the ban list in Server Management GUI
    Version 2.17
     - Updated for compatibility with unforeseen server-side changes
    Version 2.16
     - Fixed a bug that caused crash on injection on certain systems
     - Added "All Talk" option in Server Management GUI
     - Host lag compensation is now disabled
     - Added option in config ini file to allow specifying maximum player limit on the server
     - Added teleport player to host option in Server Management GUI
     - Take all ammo punishment feature will now always take away that player's ammo until stopped by host
    Version 2.15
     - Updated for compatibility with unforeseen server-side changes
     - Fixed a potential bug that may have caused issues with UAC administrative privileges
    Version 2.14
     - Added take-ammo feature for Infected mode in Server Management GUI
     - FOV is now set directly to bypass the 80 degree limit
     - Added minimum FOV changer to allow setting ADS / Scoped FOV
     - Added "crash and ban" punishment in Server Management GUI
    Version 2.13
     - Added give 999 ammo feature in Server Management GUI
     - Added crash player's game punishment in Server Management GUI
     - Kick-all-players feature should now be much more stable
     - Added a quick quit-game hotkey (Alt+F11)
     - Added option to set spectate type in the Server Management GUI
     - Added "XP boosting mode" in Server Management GUI to allow exclusively faster ranking up on your server
    Version 2.12
     - Added options to toggle third person mode and headshots only mode in Server Management GUI
     - Added map changing while in-game for Server Management GUI
     - Added aesthetically pleasing game mode text descriptions for Server Management GUI
     - Added auto-refresh every 5 seconds when Window focused for Server Management GUI
     - Added radar always on toggle, and respawn time change option for Server Management GUI
     - Added infinite ammo feature for host only and for everyone
     - Added "Take all ammo" player punishment for Server Management GUI
     - Added kills, deaths, and K/D ratio to Server Management GUI
     - Added option in ini file to help automatically promote MW3 Chaos to other players
     - Clarified a few ini file options with comments
     - All force-hosted lobbies will now have 18-players max
     - Changing the game mode in the Server Management GUI will now reset Score/Time limits to Default
     - Name spoofer will now also spoof name in the lobby
     - Added rejoin last game (F10) and disconnect from server (F11) hotkeys
    Version 2.11
     - Fixed friendly fire toggle in GUI not working
     - Added enable/disable for perks, killstreaks, and killcam in Server Management GUI
     - Added an easter egg in Server Management GUI
     - Added FOV changer (set value in the ini file)
     - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Steam IDs in the Server Management GUI to be inaccurate
    Version 2.10
     - Added Server Manager GUI tool which lets you manage your force-hosted lobby while in-game
       [Features: list of player information, kick/ban players, punish players, customize game settings, fast restart server, full restart server]
       [Punishments: slap w/ 99 dmg, teleport to sky, jail/unjail]
       [Bans persist in banlist.txt, and jailing is good for the duration of your game session]
       [The GUI also lets you change hidden game settings like Die Hard and Pro Mode]
     - Fixed a bug that caused God Mode to not apply correctly on certain system configurations
     - Added show players' ping on scoreboard
     - Tweaked name spoofer persistence rate and efficiency
    Version 2.04
     - Added no-clip mode for flying through the air at will
     - Added "teleportation" feature for spawning behind enemies for a surprise attack
    Version 2.03
     - Team-kill exploit tool is now toggleable
     - Added name spoofer for avoiding unscrupulous players (e.g. people who threaten reporting)
    Version 2.02
     - Updated to support February 2012 Game Patch
    Version 2.01
     - Fixed a bug that caused god mode to not be set for the correct player
     - Improved authentication procedure efficiency
     - Moved XP boost lobby feature to another hotkey
    Version 2.00
     - Initial release

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    Nice bro keep up the good work Agent

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    oh yeh now wer talking!

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    Oh yes baby, you're magic!

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    Looking forward to it

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    Rapid Fire demo:

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    Looks amazing, but I expected nothing less. Let's hope Agent Santa deliver's this real soon???

    Been sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to its release!!!
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    Hell yeah, been waiting for this. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

    Any word on VAC blocking/mod loading or is that not doable this time around?

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    Man thats great news AgentGOD, didnt buy MW3 this time around (maybe ill buy it someday), but sent a friendly donation anyways to help with test accounts.

    Happy Holidays
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